SEO trends and Ranking factor

As I realized SEO trends and Ranking factor of the websites have been completely changed after this penguin updates. Few examples are below

!) Typed on Google Alcohol rehab at USA search and

Top 10 websites are

1.    this is org of top listing sites which are dealing on this.
2.    Informational sites this is org of top listing sites which are dealing on this.
3.    Informational sites of alcohol rehab program)
4.    ( inner page is coming with full of alcohol related posts which are linked on this particular page)
5.    Government site)
6.    ( PR 5 with neat and clean websites navigation and develop with linkable content)
7.    (org with full information)
8.     ( The website is full of information with top listing sites)
9.    this is )
10. ( the inner page is coming with full of related information has PR 4 with very clearly navigations)

!!) SEO India: Website is getting top 5 positions

a)    Latest update on blog/news sections
b)    Using keywords for internal linking very smartly
c)    Using partial match anchor text it is not look like spam
d)    Adding some other sites at their friend section

!!!) SEO Company


1)    All website have authorized on Global prospective.

!!!!) Web Development Company


1)    All website have authorized on Global prospective.

I have pointed some things which needs to be implement in our SEO strategy

1)    We need to optimized our website either for geo location or global prospective otherwise we will never get top 10 ranking on competitive keywords. I didn’t get any website is getting top10 rankings on Global as well as geo location keywords. I agree few old authorized website may but it is very less chances.
2)    We will work on our website which should be user prospective without any confusion
3)    We have to develop quality content from user prospective at services pages and should use our keywords very smartly, it should not look like spam
4)    We need to update our blogs every day at least once in a week. That should about updated things which could be related to new technology, trends or any other thematic news
5)    We have to use keywords based contextual lining for internal navigation.  

Link Building techniques need to be change

1)    Anchor Text Variation
Our main objective should be varying our anchor texts while building links. This will help your link looks more natural with variety of anchor text as real human’s link to your website. For example, if you run a website for SEO Consultant India and your link building campaign target the base keyword as “SEO Consultant Services India ” you can vary the anchor texts as “Cost effective SEO Consultancy”, “ Affordable SEO Consultant from India  ” etc.

I highly recommend for stop working on directory submissions. We need to work only on citations building (Local recommended directories). I believe on negative links which are coming from different submissions activities including directory submissions, social bookmarking articles syndication etc should be remove it hurts lots.

We need publish our content on different sites and share it on social networking sites including twitter, face book, Google plus etc. That will work very effectively.

 Guys I need your thought full suggestions, which will be implementing in our SEO process for ranking and get targeted traffic.