Know all about Google's latest update “Panda” and it impacts on web spam!!

If you are one of those individuals, who are highly dependent on SEO to drive potential traffic for generating business leads then there is some news heading your way. With the launch of Google update Panda the odds are stacked high and the impact is clear! This new Google’s algorithm  is imbued with major significant changes to render better website ranking on the basis of certain key factors.

Bringing Google’s update Panda into the picture, the search engine giant hopes to effectively catch those websites that spam their search results for the purpose of getting relatively better rankings on search engine results. Google has specifically indicated that with the help of this new algorithm, it can identify and penalize those websites that are seen to violate the publishing guidelines of Google. As a result, there are chances that many websites may get impacted and may witness a drastic fall in their individual rankings.

Some time back, we had seen the launch of Google Panda and its impact on websites ranking. Now with the introduction of Google update Panda, we are again likely to see considerable number of websites, rich in ads, feeble in quality and content, getting a major setback. With Panda being brought into effect, these feeble websites are now being replaced with websites that are rich in unique and meaningful content for visitors. So, what is it that needs to be done to escape the hit of Google update Panda and achieve good rankings on search engines like Google?

Google update Panda has made it loud and clear that web spam or search spam will just not work and so some of the prime activities that you may want to avoid are:

  • Stuffing of keywords within your website
  • Using low quality/thin pages
  • Doorway pages and sneaky redirects
  • Duplicating content on different pages
  • Similar content

What really you should do?

Develop and publish content that would draw the attention of readers
It all starts by developing content that is impaction and interesting rather than publishing any content targeted for search engines. Google update Panda will keep a track of this to ensure that your keywords are in a flow and that the content makes sense and arouses sense of interest. With stimulating content, you are sure to attract the attention of visitors in a natural way.

Ensure that the number of words in your web page is of a meaningful limit
With Google update Panda coming into action, multiple and concise pages of content may no longer be effective. In case you have been targeting 150-300 words of content it may be more effective to start submitting lengthy pages of content with a word count of 400 to 500 words. Google has now been seen to give credit to lengthy content pages as these may have more credibility and certainly have more chances of keeping readers engaged for a considerable amount of time.


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