Latest SEO Trends and Tips to Watch For in 2013

Most web marketers and/or digital experts may agree to the fact that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a world that is constantly changing. Due to its transforming nature, it most certainly becomes a challenge to keep pace with what’s all that’s new and happening. However, at the same time it is essential to keep learning and to be able to remain rationalized about the fundamentals of SEO. This would keep you abreast with the ongoing competition and keep you at the top of any kind of marketing campaign you wish to run. Since learning the basics of SEO is like a never ending process so provided below is an insight on the latest SEO trends and tips to watch for in 2013:

Are you aware of the fact that approximately more than 400 million internet users across the world perform billions of searches each and every month and it is these search engines that fetch a large chunk of the traffic. In fact, more than 90% of new visitors come from search engines alone. About three quarters of this traffic use natural search listings in comparison to paid ones and about 48% to 50% of this traffic find new websites using search engines.

Mobile search itself has picked up recently and due to ease of access of the internet and the capability to browse through websites on mobile devices, even the popularity of smart phones and other devices has gone up drastically. Smart devices like tablets and portable laptops allow the user to view websites even better and that too while on the move. With the dropping prices of smart phones and tablets, 2013 is sure to see a surge in the number of users accessing websites whenever wherever possible. So, be it a businessman, college going students or for the common man, SEO India would play a crucial role in keeping your website on the top - irrespective of when, where and on what it is browsed on.

Voice recognition or being able to conduct a search on search engines through voice capability has also emerged has a new search methodology. Google voice started to gain popularity just last year and is sure to continue its reign this year as well.

On the online media front, press releases should become as important as any web blog. In fact, press releases are already being recognized as an important medium to draw and convert web traffic. It is an excellent way to convince and appeal visitors and is also used for a wide array of media channels. Press releases are also seen to bring about a sense of trust and credibility for the company and if optimized properly they can attract substantial traffic on search engines.

In 2013, just like in the preceding years Social Media should continue to impact and influence the performance of search engines. However, there are talks going on that both social media giants Facebook and Twitter may reduce the amount of data that is sent out to third parties. Further, there are chances that Facebook may come up with their very own search engine very soon so it is worth checking if this really turns out to be a reality.

Google+ which was launched some time back in 2012 should be playing a bigger and better role in SEO this year. The team has rectified a few initial problems and it should be giving some competition to Facebook and Twitter in 2013. New parameters and metrics like Author Rank may mean that this channel will have an impact on search engine ranking in some way or another.

The organic way of search engine marketing would always remain to be at the top as majority of the traffic and sales that are generated come from organic search results only. As always, humanized ranking would have high degree of dependency. Google is of the opinion that they may start using social media for human relevancy to be able give more effective and accurate search results real time. This is why there is huge emphasis on mediums like web blogs, social media, press releases and fresh and relevant content on websites and articles.

On the HTML front, title tags and heading would still have their own importance in driving potential web traffic or for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They would continue in helping sites gain popularity on search engines. Search engines like Google would want to focus on content that has effective keywords within the content and in the title and heading tags.

Do not be amazed to see the size or word count of web blogs and articles to increase further. An expectation of at least 700 words is what is being predicted for web blogs and articles. Content however still needs to be in detail, have high degree of relevance and should be focused around the targeted topic.

The process of managing multichannel tags will have even more relevance and would become crucial in 2013. With economic pressure increasing at an alarming rate, online experts and/or marketers would have to invest more and better quality time in tag management.

After going through the trends and tips provided above, you would surely understand the relevance and importance of why you should be aware of what’s ahead in 2013. This becomes even more important especially after so many websites getting impacted by Google Penguin.

With all said and done 2013 brings a lot of excitement for everybody however the key focus remains to be on good quality content for website visitors. This sudden change in trend would bring music to the ears of marketers, content experts as well journalists.


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