Advantage of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Please see below how you can get advantage from Social Media Optimization for your organization
  • Talk more about our brand and your industry and not generic stuff about Holi and Diwali
  • Target the right audience to follow you on the social media platform
  • Run campaigns about something which puts the brand forward
  • Pictures of team and staff is very important on the website and social media is very important for B2B as it builds credit for the company
  • Talk about tips what is happening within your industry which is relevant today
  • CSR to show is good on social media
  • Build likes which is audience as without that it’s no point doing anything as no one is looking at it
  • Linked in adds are very expensive and don't get the results. So check before you give into this. But depend on what service you are offering.
  • For your business and brand pin interest or Instagram would not be that effective. You tube will be if we can create good videos and use that
  • There are too many channels so pick and focus on a couple which gives you the best ROI
  • Twitter advertising has already started but its bug budget
  • Blogs are effective. Thought leadership, SEO India can be helped. Has to be good well researched article. Share the content on social media channels to generate traffic.
  • Employees should be used to share and check in etc to make things viral 
Ways of lead generation from social media
  1. What channels you want to use, pinterest and instagram for image heavy businesses like fashion brand
  2. Are you going to be engaged on daily basis? Some channels require regular updates with content > like twitter. ..
  3. LinkedIn for B2b space
  4. How will you reach out > B2b monitoring is very important > how to do things, answer queries of users … B2c brand engagement is more important … look at what competition is doing, get ideas …. Numbers do not matter if target audience is specific
  5. Promotion > talking about your own brand  and relevant things > don’t talk about the holi and diwali if it doesn’t concern you , use only relevant things > for example a brand of clothes can talk about fashion
  6. Pictures of events and staff is most important as they tend to create transparency >  talk about the product / services tips
  7. CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities are useful for branding
  8. Does buying like help > it might be important for a brand which requires traffic to be shown, in the end relevant traffic will matter only.
  9. Running campaigns relevant to brand > makemytrip ran a campaign for INR 7000 free trip and got 10k registrants
  10. How can we use pinterest to our benefit > b2b will have problem but fashion clothing brand will have lesser issues, can use pinterest and instagram images for genuine people to market your product, creates credibility for the brand
  11. How is Google+ doing and since Google is picking up ranking up pages and getting credibility > focusing on too many things will not provide results
  12. Is Google + tracking against spam from same IP > it must be but Rajat doesn’t have clear idea as of now, other platforms are allowing normal activity to promote brands and content
Ways other than running ads campaign
Answered above
Which is more beneficial LinkedIn ads or Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads are too costing and ROI is not  good , they are charging $19-20  per click … there would be 100 clicks per conversion
  • Take CEO account instead of investing in LinkedIn ads
  • There are groups for job postings, good for b2b
  • Facebook also can be targeted with interest and current profile > can be targeted using Facebook ads
Use of sponsored story in lead generation
  • People are using content and marketing it using stories on Facebook
  • There is limited space and time for when a user opens a page due to increased activity of users
  • Managing time for posts is better idea  as you can target the geography,  people (working, youth etc) and markets > like 6 pm for US EST would be good time for posting and then around their noon
Different ways for Blog marketing using social media platform
  • Thought leadership using the blog
  • SEO wise traffic to your website
  • Sharing the blog content on social media, but blog remains the central area for reading
  • Meetups of blogger > launch a product >  connect with them personally and marketing the product, establishing a brand image
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